The 80s Come Alive: Safety Dance

Welcome to a new weekly feature on That’s Funky Awesome, a little thing we’re going to call ‘The 80’s Come Alive’, with all due credit to Peter Frampton for totally ripping off the name of the only album of his that people bought.

The 80s has somewhat of a bad reputation as far as live music goes, and rightly so.  Playing along to backing tracks and the art of lip synching were perfected during the decade, which was unfortunate not only because it overshadowed some great live (really live!) performances, but also because it opened the door to so many crap-tacular boy bands in the 90’s who made careers out of playing live without having to ever sing a note outside of a studio.

Men Without Hats - 1982 - Rhythm of Youth

For the premiere posting of this feature we’re going to take a look back at Canadian band Men Without Hats and their song ‘Safety Dance’, originally released on the album ‘Rhythm of Youth’ in 1982.  The studio version of this song was completely electronic, but for the live rendition the band opens it up a bit, throwing in some real drums as well as guitar.

Taken from a show done in Montreal back in 1985, and featured on the 2006 DVD ‘Live Hats’.

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  1. keyboard solo starting at the 1 minute mark is gold…

  2. I partied with him all night at a club in Ottawa called Zaphod Beeblebrox. I had no idea who he was because he was wearing a bandana. Backstage he had introduced himself to me as the band’s roadie (The Hodads from Montreal were playing that night).
    I got the whole band to sign a copy of their record, and asked “the roadie” to sign it too.
    He signed in huge cap letters, IVAN.
    Later on, I got the drummer to sign the album and he laughed that Ivan had signed it – I said, Yes, I got your roadie’s autograph too – and then he enlightened me on who he really was. Ivan’s a very kind, quiet, down to earth guy, who owes me about half a pack of smokes.

  3. AP-this version is a bit of a mash-up of a couple different remixes of the tune the band released…I love a keyboard part that can be played on two fingers…
    Tiller-I think Ivan’s made enough cash off this song he should be able to pay you back for those smokes if you ever manage to find him again…

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