The 80s Come Alive: The Queen Is Dead/How Soon Is Now (The Smiths)

Smiths For a band that never had a number one single, never found much success in The States during their tumultuous six years together, and shunned the basic system that was the music business in the 80's, The Smiths have certainly left their mark on modern music.  Spearheaded by frontman Morrissey  and guitarist Johnny Marr, The Smiths crashed the UK hipster scene in 1982 with a musical style that relied heavily on melodic, tasteful guitar and an emphasis on lyrical wordplay.  Critics of The Smiths often used the words 'pompous' and 'arrogant' to describe the band (which also included bassist Any Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce, and for a time guitarist/bassist Craig Gannon, who can be seen in today's clips), with special attention paid to Morrissey, who was never afraid to voice his opinion in the press.  

Today we feature two songs from The Smiths, 1986's 'The Queen Is Dead' from the album of the same name, and 1984 b-side 'How Soon Is Now'.  Both of today's clips are from a 1986 show at the Kilburn National Ballroom.  The video footage is hand shot, so it can be a little shaky at times, but the audio is taken from a BBC radio broadcast of the show.  This particular night's concert was recorded and released on the live album 'Rank' in 1988, although 'How Soon is Now' did not make the cut.

The Queen Is Dead


How Soon Is Now

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