Bad Covers of Bad Songs: Lick It Up

Kiss The album Lick It Up by Kiss began a new era in the band's storied career.  The make up was off, members Peter Criss and Ace Frehey were tossed, and the world could finally see that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were, without a doubt, butt fugly.  Without the outfits to hide behind, the band sank into a sea of bad 80's arena rock. With the addition of lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent (who in this particular video looks eerily similar to the oldest daughter on Modern Family), Kiss became followers to far lesser bands.  I've never really been much of a fan of Kiss, but I can remember hearing this song for the first time and thinking, "What…the…fu..?"  Then I saw the video for today's bad song 'Lick It Up' and I knew it would be the start of dark days for the Kiss Army.  Besides Gene and Paul now being in a band with a couple of guys who looked like the kind of dudes they would've pantsed on a daily basis back in grade school, the band had become a parody of themselves.  

So hopefully you'll enjoy 'Lick It Up' as covered by singer/keyboardist Butch Philips.  I know I've included this in Bad Covers of Bad Songs, but this one is almost so bad it's good.  His voice is fine, but man, that keyboard… 

The original:


The cover:

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  1. Simmons bears an uncanny likeness to actor Bill Duke!

  2. I would say it’s almost a Bill Duke/Cher love child thing going on.

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