The 80s Come Alive: Homosapien (Pete Shelley)

Pete Shelley Pete Shelley first left his mark on the UK music scene in the mid-seventies as a founding member and principal songwriter for punk/pop outfit The Buzzcocks.  The band initially only lasted a few years (breaking up in 1981), but helped bridge the gap between the punk and new wave genres.  As a solo artist Shelley released today’s featured track ‘Homosapien’ in 1981 as a single, and followed it up with the Homosapien LP later that year. I’ve included the lyrics to ‘Homosapien’ since it raised a bit of a sh*t storm amongst the British upper crust, with the BBC eventually banning it for “explicit reference to gay sex”.  All of this occurred as Shelley was publicly becoming more open about his bisexuality, a topic hinted at in several Buzzcocks songs. And speaking of which-The Buzzcocks have been touring on and off again since 1989, although there has been a rotating cast of players, with Shelley on guitar and vocals as the one constant.

Homosapien live in 1986, on ‘Cue the Music’.

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  1. I must tell you we played “Homosapien” at Vinylwe’en and it was met with enthusiasm!

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