The 80s Come Alive: She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)

TheCult Before The Cult starting to tap into their inner Leppard and writing songs more suited to ultra tight trousers and stadiums on albums like 1987’s Electric and 1989’s Sonic Temple they were a band known more for guitar anchored goth rock and a refreshing lack of keyboards in the synth dominated 80’s music world. Since the band’s formation in 1983 there has been rotating personnel within the band, with the only two constants being singer Ian Astbury and too cool for school guitarist Billy Duffy, both of whom shared songwriting duties.  The list is far too long to go into here of players who filled bass and drum duties over the years, but lets just say there’s a good chance your printer would run out of ink before you got to see the end of it.

Today’s featured track, ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, was released in 1985 on The Cult’s 1985 sophomore effort, Love.  The song peaked at a respectable no. 15 on the UK charts, but like many songs from the era continues to find it’s way into the collections of a new generation of music lovers through usage in video games, soundtracks, and commercials.  This particular performance is taken form the Rockpalast series, recorded in 1986.

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