The Whiskey Saints Shake It Up with Rock & Twang

WhiskeySaintsmain For a band that calls Los Angeles home, The Whiskey Saints have a distinctly un-LA-ish sound, instead showcasing songs that tend to fall more into the category of ‘heartland Americana alt-rock’ and avoiding the glossier pop sheen that is sometimes associated with Los Angeles artists.  Not to say their tunes don’t glisten-they do-but the shine comes from musicians who can play, writing songs that are anchored by an emotional connection (not to mention the reflection off the rhythm section’s Rob Hughes and Jeff Bell’s shaved noggins).                                          Photo: Pete Ambrose

Formed in 2005 by vocalist/guitarist David Sparrow and fellow axeman David Bloomfield, the original members of The Whiskey Saints bonded over a mutual admiration of Wilco.  With the addition of Bell and Hughes all the pieces were in place for the Saints to start working on songs for their debut release, West, which hit the shelves in 2008.  During this time the band was the subject of the Daniel Mercaldi documentary Under Los Angeles, which blended footage shot by fans, the band, and Mercaldi into a film that showcased the ups and downs of a new band finding its legs.  Originally included as a DVD with the CD copies of West, you can watch it online here.

The Saints are currently in post-production for their new album, 24 Hours, which, according to guitarist Bloomfield, “…has us taking more of a hands on approach to the production process, utilizing more layered, intricate arrangements and a bigger rock ‘n roll sound.”  Co-produced by the band with West producer Jim Dineen and scheduled for a February 2011 release, Bloomfield also thinks, “…it’s a more mature record from a songwriting standpoint, tapping into a range of influences, musical and otherwise.”  The band is also utilizing, a funding platform for creative projects, to help raise money for the release of 24 Hours.  In exchange for donations, the band is offering t-shirts, unreleased tracks, personal video performances, and private concerts.

By now you should be chomping at the bit to hear what The Whiskey Saints are all about.  Below you’ll find the video for the second single from West, ‘With The Lights On’.  Be sure to tune in Wednesday night at 8PM PT when the band is featured on Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith, where they’ll be performing new songs from 24 as well as fan favourites from West.  Also find more on the band at their website,, or follow them on twitter (@whiskeysaints) and facebook.

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