Hello Cleveland!: Van Halen Plus Jack Daniels Equals Bass Solo From Hell

MichaelAnthony Van Halen have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their career. They tossed singer David Lee Roth out of the band at the height of their success in the mid-80s, replaced him with blond Carrot Top clone Sammy Hagar, had a couple more hit albums, and then swapped out Hagar for the dude from Extreme. He lasted an album and a tour (that’s what she said), and was traded back in for Hagar again. Alas, Sammy’s involvement in the band the second time around was not meant to be, and after nearly twenty years of passing singers around like a box of Depends at a senior’s home original vocalist Roth was back onboard. Let’s not forget the sacking of bassist Michael Anthony a few years back in favour of guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang.

Why, you might be asking yourselves, all the background deets for a post about a bass solo from the aforementioned sackee Anthony? I think this clip acts as a great summary of Van Halen’s woes over the years, delivered in a neat and tidy package. Actually, there’s nothing neat and tidy about it. And that’s my point. Like the band, this solo has so many WTF?? moments you can’t help but watch.

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  1. i sat down with every intention in the world of rippin you a new one for your comments on hard- rock icons Van Halen but why waste the wi-fi minutes? i’m sure someone else in your past has pointed out the fact that your an idiot. am i right? you called them “NIckle Back South”….what does that even mean? thats like saying the Clash are Sex pistels south!! while one will go down in history as a ground breaking musical force the others fate is to be remembered as a joke. a sham put together by a record company to make money. you wont find a garage band today who’s set list doesnt include one or more Dimond Dave hits. origanal VH line up is and and will always be remembered for what they are/were: an in-your-face, loud kick-as rock band that gives you what that genre of rock is ment to give you: good times. effen moron.

  2. Hate to tell you this, Robert, but by your second sentence you had already done the complete opposite of what you said you were going to do in your first. Sorry about the non-porn bump in your wi-fi usage.

    You’re a supporter of Van Halen, and I suppose they’re lucky to have fans like you in their corner. The fact of the matter is guys like you also piss, eat, and sleep in that very same corner, and that’s just gross.

    Have a good one. Thanks for visiting.

  3. excuse me……..who was a ground breaking musical force ? Van Halen…………..sorry what did they do that was ground breaking ? 2 brothers in the band ? 3 piece rock band ? big hair ? flashy guitars ? ……………I always thought they BLEW in the 80’s and they totally suck now…they should team up with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and do the NO F’IN TASTE TOUR for old geyers – just sayin’

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