Jon Leney Presents: Ten Reasons Why Michael Buble Wishes He Was Me

By Jon Leney

10. Having travelled to every corner of the world, longs for the boredom and isolation that only Vancouver Island living can offer.

9. Is curious to know if the tiredness of being up for three nights with a sick kid feels the same as being up for three nights partying with hot women.

Buble 8. Thinks it would be fun to lug the vacuum out every other day to clean the cat hair that covers every inch of my apartment.

7. Wants to find out for himself if the Camry really is as reliable as everyone says.

6. Needs a break from adoration, companionship, love and romance.

5. Doesn’t want to pay those exorbitant insurance premiums anymore for his mansions, cars and hockey teams.

4. Believes that celibacy is not over-rated.

3. Is sick and tired of singing Feeling Good all the time.

2. Wants to stop being a closet Leafs fan.

1. I also do some of my best work in the shower.

About Jay Moon

Freelance writer guy. My ears love music. I'm a transplant recipient (October/2015), so I also give talks to the masses about that entire experience.

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