Maniacal Mondays: Beck

Beck 0177 For a guy who was initially branded with the one hit wonder label, Beck sure has been able to milk it for all it's worth. Approaching the 20 year anniversary since he first came to the attention of the masses with the single 'Loser', Beck continues to make music that, while not always commercially successful, is usually warmly embraced by the critics and his legion of fans. Never one to sit on a specific sound for more than an album or two, he loves throwing out curveballs to his listeners. And the thing I like about Beck-he doesn't really care if you get it or not. Today we're going back to 2005's Guero, and the lead single from that album, 'E-Pro'. Pretty simple stuff-one set riff, cool drums, and lots of na na na's. Sounds like rock and roll to me.

About Jay Moon

Freelance writer guy. My ears love music. I'm a transplant recipient (October/2015), so I also give talks to the masses about that entire experience.

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