The 80s Come Alive: Don’t Walk Past (Blue Peter)

BluePeter From 1978 through 1985, Blue Peter were the kings of cool in the Canadian music scene. Drawing obvious comparisons to international acts such as David Bowie and Roxy Music (often attributed to frontman Paul Humphrey’s swagger and style onstage), Blue Peter at their peak managed to combine smooth pop/punk with a visual style that was often ahead of, but still perfect for, the times in which it was created. While many bands from the early 80s were mired down in the burgeoning music video craze and feeding into it with soon-to-be-dated visual snapshots of their songs, Blue Peter allowed their appreciation of cinema and movies (with Blade Runner a particular influence) to help shape the look and feel of their own videos while avoiding the ‘pastel curse’ that many other bands fell victim to. Perhaps no better example of this is today’s featured track ‘Don’t Walk Past’, from the 1983 album Falling. We’ve never included the video for a featured song on The 80’s Come Alive, but today we’re going to make the exception, since, quite frankly, this video rocks and deserves to be seen.

We’re also going to include some concert footage from 1984 of Blue Peter performing ‘Don’t Walk Past’ in Montreal, plus amateur footage from a 2008 show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. I had the fortune of attending the Lee’s show, which also had Canadian singer/songwriter Emm Gryner supporting the group on backing vocals. At the time I was handling bass duties for Stratford-based groupĀ Brittlestar, and Emm had also done some studio work and live shows with the band as well. Emm was kind enough to arrange an introduction to Blue Peter singer Paul Humphrey, who besides being one of the best dressed people I have ever met was also very humble and seemed genuinely surprised at the amount of people in the packed club there to support the band.

Don’t Walk Past


Live in Montreal, 1984


Live in Toronto with Emm Gryner, 2008

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