Maniacal Mondays: James

James Unlike many of their 80s counterparts, Manchester’s James found their stride (and most of their mainstream success) in the 90s, after years of being the darlings of the underground UK music scene. It wasn’t until 1992’s Seven and the Brian Eno produced Laid in 1993 that James found a wider audience both at home and on North American soil, with a good portion of their popularity in the States gained through the support of college radio. Like many bands James have had their ups and downs-daliances with lifestyle sects (the band’s terminology-others might use the word ‘cult’), onstage fist fights, and several line-up changes due to personality conflicts and that old standby demon, drug abuse. James called it quits with the departure of singer Tim Booth in 2001, but reformed in 2007 for more recording and touring with the ‘classic’ configuration behind their biggest Stateside success, Laid. Since then the band has released one full length album (Hey Ma) plus two EPs (The Night Before and The Morning After), and have been touring the UK, the States, Canada, and Mexico.

From the 1992 album Seven, enjoy ‘Born of Frustration’, live in 2001. Picked not only because it’s a good tune, but because we’re impressed the band could even play it (albeit with the odd flubbed trumpet squawk). Check YouTube if you want to see some serious train wreck action of the band attempting this one when it was originally released…

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  1. Wow, crazy to see the super stardom days for James back when they filled venues like this. Did you catch them live the last couple times they’ve toured after getting back together? The smaller, more intimate venues seem a better fit.

  2. I’ve never had the chance to see them live, although I hope they make their way towards Toronto again so I can check them out. I also like the fact that they’re touring behind new material, rather than making it a ‘greatest hits’ kinda thing.

  3. Definitely do see them if you can. They are the top of their game at this point in their career (unlike the shudder inducing performance in the video you linked). And yes, new material instead of phoning in yesterday’s hits.

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