Maniacal Mondays: The Tragically Hip

Hip Canadian readers of MVTW know all about The Tragically Hip. For the last twenty plus years they’ve been ‘Canada’s band’-members of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, a spot on the Canadian Walk of Fame, plus a dozen or so Junos (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy, only with a few more ‘ehs’ in the acceptance speeches). They sell out every show, with good reason-The Hip have been considered to be one of the best live bands to come out of Canada since the dawn of time. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much. Even with all the adoration from Canadian music lovers, the band has had limited success on the other side of the border in the States. Sure, they have pockets of fans spread across the country, but they’ve never managed to break the American market, even with high profile gigs on Saturday Night Life and Woodstock ’99.

The Tragically Hip are still going strong today, with the rare claim of having the same line-up as when they released their first album in 1987. The Maniacal Monday featured performance of the song ‘Grace, Too’ is from a 2009 concert in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

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