Pluck & Cover: London Calling-The Clash, The Pogues with Joe Strummer

Joeshane One thing you don't often hear around the office is, "You know, I really wish The Clash had a little more accordion in the mix."  How different would the world of rock and roll have been if the album cover for London Calling had featured a black and white picture of Paul Simonon smashing a Hohner accordion instead of his Fender bass? Let me tell you-very f*%^ing different.

To call The Clash's 1979 album London Calling a masterpiece is a bit of an understatement. Rudie Can't Fail, The Clampdown, Guns of Brixton, Train in Vain…the track listing is epic. And of course, there's the tune that gave the album its name, London Calling. It's a pretty astonishing snapshot of the progression of a band not necessarily getting tired of the punk scene from which it was born but trying to push itself in a different direction.

Of course, The Clash did eventually call it a day in 1985, but not before tensions within the band led to firings, fist fights, and the unfortunate formation of the Mick Jones led Big Audio Dynamite, a dance-pop outfit that would have fit nicely on the same bill as Jesus Jones. Sigh.

Now, back to the accordion references. Today we feature London Calling performed live in 1988 by The Pogues, with The Clash's Joe Strummer handling guitar and vocal duties. Strummer's affiliation with the band continued in the early nineties when he replaced Pogues singer Shane McGowan on vocals for a short spell.  So here you go-the Pogue-ified London Calling.

London Calling, The Clash 


London Calling, The Pogues with Joe Strummer

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