Bad Covers of Bad Songs: Kiss From a Rose

NorthernKings It’s been a while since we last did a Bad Covers of Bad Songs segment, but we felt the time was right to throw it back into the mix. After all, we’ve had weeks of great music and the like since the last one, and we were starting to think we were taking ourselves a little too seriously around here. Fortunately, the way the music world works is for every crappy hit song that is out there, there’s at least one thousand even crappier covers of it from both the amateur and pro ranks. Well, if not crappy at least bizarre to the point of being crappy. Let’s roll out today’s specimen, Kiss From a Rose by Seal. It’s hard to believe this song took home the Record and Song of the Year Grammys back in 1996, since…actually, it’s not hard to believe at all. The Grammys love schlock like this.

So, here we have Northern Kings and their version of the song. There’s not a whole lot of info on the band out there, with the exception of good ol’ Wikipedia which describes the band as, “..a Finnish symphonic metal cover supergroup…”. As you’ll soon find out, the stellar combination of cheeseball synth, nordic Viking chic wardrobe, much facial hair, and over-the-top attempted vocal grandstanding make this a version you won’t soon forget. You’ll try, but it just won’t…get..out..of…your…head.

Truth be known, it’s almost unrecognizable compared to the original. You would think that would be a good thing.

The Original:

The Cover:

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  1. i imagine they might be able to pull off a good saga cover…but that was pretty stank

  2. Woo! Oh yeah! The audio of the cover is complemented by the nauseating movement of that dude’s blue wristband!

  3. That was awesome. Although I will admit that the original version of Kiss from a rose is a bit of a guilty pleasure (*blush*).
    But that remake was outstanding. Truth be told, Im with you Jay, I had a few free hours last night, and I couldn`t make it through that whole video.

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