Pearl Jam Hates The Past But Decide To Make Sweet Love To It…For an Entire Year

Pearljam Looks like grunge scene survivors Pearl Jam are going to bite the bullet and spend 2011 at least admitting that they have made music in the past, with a yearlong celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut album, 10.

The band has announced that they will release box sets of several of their earlier albums throughout 2011, plus be the subject of a Cameron Crowe directed documentary scheduled to hit theatres sometime this summer.

It's all a bit odd for a band that has never been known to get too comfy with past success, instead choosing to focus on the 'now' and keep new material coming. Since the band has often refused to release official singles, film videos, or play the usual hits at live shows, the unusual altering of their game plan comes as a bit of a surprise to hardcore Jam fans. I don't think they'll be complaining, although I'm sure some will start screaming "Sell outs!!!" when they find out the idea for the 20th anniversary celebrations came from the band's manager, Kelly Curtis. By most accounts, it appears as though the band themselves could really care less. 

Let's have a looksy at one of the many classic tunes from 10 that helped launch the band. Here's Even Flow at what looks like a pre-gig soundcheck, so no audience. The energy is still there, though. Crazy kids and their wickedly awesome hat collection. 


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