Pluck & Cover: I Am Stretched On Your Grave-Traditional/Dead Can Dance/Sinead O’Connor

Sinead What better way to get a rip roaring start to the weekend than by listening to a couple versions of a truly depressing Irish poem set to music. Huzzah!

I Am Stretched On Your Grave is an anonymously penned 17th century poem presumably written by a very, very sad Irishman (or woman). Translated from the original Gaelic text by Frank O'Connor (no relation to Sinead) in the late Sixties, the song's melody was initially taken from a hymn 80 years ago, then tweaked into present day form by Philip King in 1979 (give or take).

I am featuring the Dead Can Dance live performance of I Am Stretched On Your Grave as the 'original' in this particular case since it seems to be a fairly close portrayal of the King version. This particular recording can be found on the 1994 DCD live album Toward the Within. The Sinead O'Connor version was originally from her 1990 I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got smash album (the same album that gave birth to Nothing Compares 2 U), and updates the tune by setting it against a drum sample from the James Brown classic Funky Drummer. This live performance by Sinead varies somewhat from the album, but it does have one of the sweetest bass lines I've heard in awhile, so bonus marks for that.

And since you're all being good sports and spending part of your Friday checking out some low key stuff, I'll toss in some slightly more upbeat Sinead to try and lift your spirits again.

Dead Can Dance


Sinead O'Connor


Sinead O'Connor, The Emperor's New Clothes


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  1. Love this ‘episode,’ Jay 🙂 Great tunes 🙂

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