Buh-Bye, White Stripes.

WhiteStripes After fifteen years and a half dozen albums, the White Stripes are calling it a day.

I'm probably going to get ripped a great big new one here by the internet music universe, but I could really care less.

I'm not denying the talent of Stripes members Jack and Meg White. I'm not saying they didn't have some good tunes. But as a band, I could take or leave the White Stripes. To be honest, with Jack's dalliances over the past two or three years in various side projects and what not, I had barely even noticed the White Stripes had stopped producing new music.

What can I say? Amongst other things, I'm not a big fan of the one drummer/one guitarist only set up (even with the colour-coordinated gear and outfits), and there's only so much guitar wanking onstage I can take before I start to pay more attention to what the road crew is doing in the wings rather than what the band is doing centre stage.

For all my knocks steered towards Jack White, over the last two years I've actually come to appreciate him a little more as a musician. I Like the fact that he plays some crappy, cheap guitars. I like that he seems to be more interested in what noise he can squeeze out of his gear than writing Top 40 schlock. However, appreciation of talent and being a 'fan' are two very different beasts, and I'm sorry (or am I?), but the White Stripes are already a distant memory for me.

However, I'm sure you'll still see some new material from the band coming down the pipeline in the future. I'm willing to bet they've got a few unreleased nuggets tucked away for hits packages and the like, so stop your worrying.

Here's a little Jack, along with the Raconteurs live from Glastonbury '08. The song is Salute Your Solution.


About Jay Moon

Freelance writer guy. My ears love music. I'm a transplant recipient (October/2015), so I also give talks to the masses about that entire experience.

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  1. I love the White Stripes, and I will admit that I will miss them.
    But, you are right. The reality is they have been `done`for some time.
    IMHO, Jack White is the most important musician RIGHT NOW. With what he did with the Stripes, and the Racconteurs, the Dead Weather, Conan O`Brien, Wanda Jackson, Dangermouse, Alicia Keys….he is very in demand.

  2. Jack is alright in my books, Rob. The downside of being in demand is learning how to say ‘No’…

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