Hello Cleveland!: Kevin Costner Somehow Makes New Country Even Worse

Costner We all know Kevin Costner as an award winning actor and director with an 'awwh shucks' kinda persona that has helped keep him in the public spotlight for the past twenty five years.  Now, Kevin has been criticized for only ever really playing one character, and somehow managing to portray that character in every single film he's ever made, no matter the role. The last few years the acting thing has cooled off a bit for Kevin, which is usually bad news for the music business since so many actors like to use their down time from the big screen to make horrible, utterly vomit-inducing albums. It's a long list-Eddie Murphy, Kevin Bacon, Don Johnson, Russel Crowe, Brian Austin Green (who??), to name some the worst offenders. We may now want to add Costner to the top of that list, after he spent 2008 touring behind his debut album, Untold Truths. Released under the name Kevin Costner & Modern West, it is Costner's love letter to the music he loves, which apparently leans heavily towards the craptacularly abysmal side of things.

I'm not exactly the world's biggest fan of 'new country' to begin with (when did country music start requiring its male singers to to be so sappy and spineless they somehow succeed in making people want to bitch slap them back to their senses before the end of the first chorus?), and Costner takes the new country label and proceeds to tattoo it all over his own ass. This, my friends, is why being successful in Hollywood shouldn't get you a free pass in Nashville.

I don't even what the name of this song is. I do know it's performed at the Grand Ole Opry. On second thought, 'performed' may be too strong a word. Hmmm…it's being listened to at the Opry? Does that fit?


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  1. Add Billy Bob Thorton to the list. And he does suck, alot!

  2. Ah, yes, Billy Bob. Added.

  3. I watched this right after breakfast…should have held off.

  4. How do those Cheerios look the second time around, Jonny?

  5. Notice how every time he looks towards one of his band members they always seem to be off looking in a different direction. “Don’t Make Eye Contact”
    I mean the last thing the band would want is for Kevin to see how bad they’re wincing. You don’t mess with the gravy train of touring with a rich movie star.

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