It’s Friday And I Want to Hear Some Drums, Dammit: Paul Simon & The Obvious Child

PaulSimon Paul Simon had a pretty good thing going in the mid-80s through to the early 90s. In 1986 he released Graceland, the album that many consider to be at the top of the Simon solo career catalog, and with it he brought the talents of South African musicians to a global audience. With good reason, of course-it was a great album.  The Graceland tour carried on the Simon and Garfunkel tradition of having a great big backing band, and Simon proceeded to tour the hell out of the album and snatch a few Grammys in the process.

Simon shifted his focus to more of a 'world music' vibe for his next album, 1990's The Rhythm of the Saints, which, while still a Top 10 success, didn't quite live up to the hype of being the follow up release to a blockbuster like Graceland. For the most part it was a little more laid back, but Simon still managed to take a small city out on the road in support of it, including a stop for 750 000 people at New York's Central Park. Which brings us to the headline focus of today's post: drums. The lead off single from Rhythm of the Saints was a track called The Obvious Child,which featured Brazilian percussion ensemble Oludum. My drum jonesing was fixed real good after listening to this live performance of the song from the aforementioned Central Park concert.


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