Arcade Fire Win Something Called a Grammy, Add It To Their Growing Collection of Paperweights

Arcadefire So, here we are. The day after the Grammys.

It was an interesting night for music, and I myself felt strongly about two things in general after the show ended:

Would someone please, please tell Train the only people listening to their music are Wal-Mart shoppers who have Drops of Jupiter bombarded on them while they pick up their 40-packs of tube socks. Every time you cover Zeppelin's Ramble On in concert the ghost of John Bonham comes one step closer to making a deal with the Devil to bring himself back to life so he can do unthinkable things to you. Stop it.

Lady Antebellum…good lord. Really? is this what we've chosen as the true representation of today's country music? Country music, you are destroying your legacy every time you allow groups like Lady Antebellum to hit the radio. I know every new country artist thanks God for their success, but where does that leave the rest of us? If God is on their side, who do we ask to stop the mayhem? Maybe Bonham can see if the Big D can do an extra little favour for us when he's talking to him…

The rest of the night was filled with the usual over the top kookiness that seems to be the course of action of all award shows today, lest viewers see something shiny on the floor and start paying more attention to that than what's on the tube in front of them. Kudos to Bieber and that Smith punk for bringing Karate Kid: The Musical to the stage after just three rehearsals (did you hear that, Edge and Bono?), and Usher for proving that not only white people from Wisconsin can make cheese. Lady Gaga did exactly what was expected of her, and Katy Perry was utterly forgettable.

Mumford & Sons, along with the Avett Brothers, had a nice moment paying tribute to Bob Dylan. It was cool seeing the two bands back Bobby on Maggie's Farm, although to be honest I really couldn't hear Dylan that well, since besides his usual mumble singing style he seemed pre-occupied with all the fun going on behind him. Oh well.

Spalding Twitter just about exploded when Biebs lost Best New Artist to Esperanza Spalding, who is >shudder< a jazzie. Listen, I know Bieber was the favourite going into the ceremony, but there's no shame in losing to someone like Spalding. What can I say, Biebs? Sometimes having a million dollar promotional juggernaut in your corner, an album filled with songs written by four or five hired guns (per track), and a 3D movie in theatres doesn't necessarily mean you're the 'best'. It just means you're popular. 

I was genuinely shocked when Arcade Fire brought in Album of the Year for The Suburbs, but in a good way.  Suck on that, Lady Antebellum.

In honour of Arcade Fire's win, here's an entire concert filmed last year by Terry Gilliam at Madison Square Garden. Gives you a pretty good picture as to why they're deserving of all the accolades coming their way. Since this is a long clip, there's a track listing at the start so you can jump ahead to specific songs if you'd like.


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  1. It was an awesome night I must say. Obviously thrilled about the Arcade Fire winning but also Spalding winning new artist.
    It has nothing to do with her beating Bieber. As you mentioned it was just good to see the underdogs that no one (including themselves) expected to win. Spalding is crazy skilled and spent years on her craft. Seeing someone who created her own stuff (that’s not just a derivative of everything else popular right now) and poured herself into get recognition was fantastic.

  2. Agreed, Charlie. I felt sorry for Justin for losing for about 30 seconds, when I saw the tirade some of his fans went on after Spalding won, including spamming her Wiki page and making some pretty disturbing accusations towards her through Twitter and Facebook. She’s insanely talented and deserves any positive recognition that is sent her way.

  3. I don’t usually enjoy the Grammys, but overall, I enjoyed this years edition.
    The Good
    Arcade Fire
    Mumford, Avett and Bob
    Eminem and Rihanna
    John Meyer, Norah Jones and Keith Urban soing ‘Jolene’. I’d buy that album
    The Biebs and his 9+ minute production. Not bad Justin
    The Bad
    Cee Lo & Gwynny & The dont-call-us Muppets
    Lady Antebellum
    Drake and Rihanna
    The Ugly
    Katy Perry
    Lady gaga

  4. Love your review! I’m so glad Arcade Fire one and that Lady Antebellum didn’t take over. That Lady Antebellum song is okay but not great. I was starting to get bored with it all until around 11:10pm when they announced the Album of the Year.
    Lady Gaga sucks for ripping off Madonna. That egg was ridiculous. She should have just stayed in there. Katy Perry was and will always be boring to me. I personally think it’s kind of lame that a 30 year old is singing about a ‘Teenage Dream’.
    That Smith kid stole Bieber’s thunder. I’m not a complete Belieber but I was hoping he would win something.
    In my opinion, Arcade Fire saved the Grammys from itself..

  5. I wouldn’t call myself a Belieber…but I think the kid gets a LOT more hate sent his way than is really deserved. When I saw the original ‘New Artist’ list I thought to myself “It’ll ‘probably’ go to Drake or Biebs…I’d LOVE if it went to Mumford or Florence…who’s Spalding?” I googled one performance…and immediately threw all my support behind her. She’s genius!
    Awesome blog, dude 🙂 Very fun to read 🙂

  6. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment, everyone. My ego appreciates all the kind words, too!

  7. To Charlie
    Totally right, but she has broken in the crowd of her fellow musicians for many a year now. I am familiar with her jazz history but as to breakout artist Justin deserved the nod on that one my friend. Just sayin

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