Maniacal Mondays: The Family Day Edition with Radiohead & The Kinks

If you're situated outside of a select few Canadian provinces, you probably don't know that today is officially Family Day, a holiday created so that families can spend some quality time together while avoiding the usual droll Monday routine of having to go to school or work. In honour of the day, we decided to have a look at families involved in making music together. The question was: which ones? There's a lot out there, but narrowing them down to the select two being featured involved a heaping helping of bias and absolutely no science.

A few of the family bands we had to sort through:

The Beach Boys-bad dressers, most are dead, fronted by a dick. Nope.

Van Halen-now that Eddie's kid has joined them, it's almost too much Van Halen for one band. 

Kings of Leon-I know these guys are popular and the critics love them, but I just don't like 'em.

The Osmonds-no. Just….no.

Stone Temple Pilots-we don't want to add fuel to an already raging fire within the ranks of STP by pointing out one brother is tall, dark, and what many consider handsome and the other looks like he got his face smashed in with a brick. Repeatedly.

The Stooges-they scare me.

Tin Machine-who? And why? Soupy Sales what? Google them. Not included here because many feel it's a big fat blemish on Bowie's career.

AC/DC-If my brothers insisted on dressing up in private school uniforms anytime they were appearing in front of 50 000 people, I'd have them committed.

The Corrs-christ.

Obviously, that list barely scratches the surface. If you've got a favourite family band, feel free to comment below and let everyone know about them. Or for that matter, if there's one out there you can't stand, please, vent your reason(s) why.

Now, our selections.

Kinks The Kinks-Ray and Dave Davies have been on the verge of killing one another since the 60s. Along the way they wrote some great songs, plus a few duds. Doesn't change the fact they lead the charge during the British invasion, and Ray Davies is short-listed on a lot of 'Best Of' lists for modern songwriters.

Radiohead Radiohead-along with Jonny and Colin Greenwood, Radiohead is a band known for doing the exact opposite of what is supposed to make a band successful (according to the Big Label playbook) and still be hugely popular. They've just released a new album, King of Limbs, available for digital download. Even though everyday Thom Yorke is looking more and more like SCTV's Jackie Rogers Jr. and we're pretty sure their drummer is an accountant, these boys continue to make some pretty cool music.

The Kinks, Lola


Radiohead, Paranoid Android


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  1. Interesting you note the Soupy Sales link to Tin Machine…his boys are also tied to the entry immediately above Tin Machine as well…who would’ve thought (other than the obvious Pop/Bowie association)…

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