Pluck & Cover: Oops!…I Did it Again-Britney Spears & Richard Thompson

Before you run away screaming because of the mere mention of Ms. Spear's name in the title of this post…

Richardthompson Normally Pluck & Cover is reserved for what I consider great songs given a cool revamp by artists I respect. This week's P & C strays a bit from that formula in that I am not a fan of Britney, and her version of this Max Martin/Rami Yacoub-penned song released in 2000 is pure sugary-sweet bubblegum poop, er, I mean pop, at best. So why all the attention all of a sudden?

As much as the trend of hired gun songwriters churning out generic, formulaic material for many of today's pop stars is both annoying and frustrating (especially for the artists who actually take the time to craft their own songs), every once in a while a clever little ditty written by these cats manages to make its way to the surface. Unfortunately, in order for it to be included on an album or make an appearance on the charts it then has to be filtered, processed, sterilized, and generally stripped of any signs of life. What's left is unfortunately usually destined to be a number one hit, because that's what the kids are buying these days. Can I use the word 'poop' twice in one post? 

Which brings us back to Britney, and 'her' song, Oops!…I Did it Again. As performed by Britney it's an over the top display of excess, which you'll see first hand when you watch the accompanying live performance of the song. I've followed this up with an acoustic performance of the tune by singer/songwriter/guy-you've-probably-never-heard-of-but-should-have Richard Thompson. Thompson gives a little music history lesson to start things off, and in his hands the song's theme becomes something slightly disturbing. Almost twisted, in fact.

So, compare and contrast, and let me know what you think. And here's the link to Thompson's website. Take a few minutes and check him out-his list of accomplishments and artists he's worked with is far too long to go into here.

Britney's Navel Spectacular  

Richard Thompson


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  1. i cant get enough of this website and the music that I get introduced to!

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