Maniacal Mondays: Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

JuanBen I woke up this morning craving some bottom end.

I'm referring to the bass guitar, but I won't pass judgement on those of you whose minds went elsewhere after that statement.

After pondering for a moment (Monday mornings the best I can muster is a ponder-I lack full thought processing abilities until at least dinner), I decided what I needed to hear was a little Juan Nelson working his magic with Ben Harper and the rest of Ben's backing band for many years, The Innocent Criminals.

The song is Brown Eyed Blues, originally released on the Diamonds On the Inside album from 2003. This particular performance of the tune is taken from the DVD Live at the Hollywood Bowl, which featured Ben and the band on tour in support of Diamonds. If you're a Harper or Juan Nelson fan, this is a must own concert film. 

Speaking of Juan, the big man unleashes controlled fury on this track. Very, very tasty. In fact, it's so good if I had the choice of eating Juan's bass line or waffles, I would probably take the bass line. And I really, really, love waffles.

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