Say It Ain’t So, Joe: Dave Brubeck Quartet Drum Great Morello Takes Five

Morello As a cocky 16 year old skin basher, most of my favourite drummers came from the world of rock and roll. When a high school pal and bandmate introduced me to the jazz stylings of the Dave Brubeck Quartet way back when, I had my eyes opened to a whole new world of how music could be played.

Now, I never became a die hard Brubeck fan, but even at that age I could at least appreciate what the music was about, and the complexities and nuances that went into creating it.

Like many before me, it was when I first heard Brubeck's song,Take Five, that I gained a deep respect for Brubeck drummer Joe Morello, who created an instant jazz classic with his syncopated odd time signature swing that helped guide the band and the tune.

The world lost Joe Morello today, who passed away at age 82.

Morello played on over 120 albums, including 60 with Brubeck. Those jazz guys loved to play, I tell ya. In honour of a truly great drummer and musician, here's a couple of songs that you might recognize that showcase Morello at his finest, Take Five and Take the 'A' Train.

Take Five. 1961


Take the 'A' Train, 1966


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  1. What a loss.
    He was one of my favourites.
    I’m gonna have to play a Dave Brubeck album today.

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