The Tingling in the Pants of A Million Drummers Can Mean Only One Thing: Stewart Copeland And Neil Peart Are Jamming Together

After stints in a few different collections of All Star musicians, The Police’s Stewart Copeland dabbles with another ‘Super Group’.

The knickers of drummers from every corner of the globe are in a twist with the news that three of their own-former Police skin man Stewart Copeland, Rush’s guardian of all things space/time continuum related Neil Peart, and Tool’s hexagram appreciating mad scientist Danny Carey have joined forces (along with Primus’ bass player Les Claypool) to form what is being listed on Peart’s website as simply ‘Carey Claypool Copeland Peart’.

Whether this is simply four musician types hanging out in a buddy’s stocked-to-the-gills romper room remains to be seen.  The footage was apparently taken in Copeland’s studio, and the tune has been christened Count Drumula-because it has three drummers…all playing…at the same time…lots of stuff with sticks…aahhhhhh huh.

To be fair, the video actually does show Carey tooting around on a trombone, so it’s not all guys hitting stuff with mallets.  The lyrics may leave a little something to be desired (insert joke about drummers only being able to count to four here), but just having two drum gods like Peart and Copeland in the same room is enough for many musicians to do a little happy dance.

For The Police’s Copeland, however, this type of hype is par for the course.

Prior to this little dalliance, Copeland has found himself in a few collections of musical types post-Police that have been given the ‘Super Group’ status.  How much of that was on the part of fans and how much was the doing of the labels involved is the question, really.  Here’s what I can tell you-none of the bands discussed below did much on the charts, lasted longer than an album or two, or left much of a lasting impression on the listener.  Unless the listener is me, of course-but then again I have far too much time on my hands.

Here’s some of Copeland’s better known collaborations…


Originally formed by Primus bassist Les Claypool back in 2000, this three piece saw the rhythm section of doom joining up with Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio.  The band played a bunch of festivals, released one album (2001’s The Grand Pecking Order), and with the exception of the odd one-off show are pretty much dormant.

Animal Logic

Formed by Copeland (along with his Police managing brother Miles) in 1987, Animal Logic consisted of jazz bassist Stanley Clarke and newly discovered singer Deborah Holland.  Holland was selected after submitting a demo tape to Copeland, and many of her own songs made up the lion’s share of Animal Logic’s two albums (1989’s Animal Logic I and 1991’s Animal Logic II).  To be honest, I’m not sure who exactly made up the Animal Logic fan base, since I don’t recall the reviews being that great, and Police fans kinda threw up a bit when they heard the first single released by the band, There’s A Spy in the House of Love.  And speaking of which, here’s the song in question right now!

And finally, here’s a little nugget from 1985.  I don’t even know if this collection of musicians even had a name, but here’s what I do know (I think): The band features Copeland on vocals and guitar, Level 42’s Mark King on bass, singer/songwriter Nik Kershaw on guitar, Big Country’s Mark Brzezicki on drums, and finally, on tambourine and whistle, Rowan Atkinson (not a typo).  I’m guessing this was a one off performance of the Copeland tune Love Lessons, taken from a BBC telethon.

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