New Music Fridays: Greg Preston & The Great Machine

Every once and awhile, rather than have to hunt around looking for something new and exciting to feature on That’s Funky Awesome that ‘something’ just happens to fall into my lap. Such was the case with today’s featured band, Hamilton, Ontario’s Greg Preston & The GreatĀ Machine. My first impression was, “Interesting name, but what’s so great about it?” The second thing that caught my attention occurred as I scrolled through the Great Machine’s Twitter feed, and discovered mention of the band promising to play The Who’s Substitute at an upcoming gig. Now, I loves me my Who, so just the fact that we shared a respect for that band had me feeling good about what The Machine would have to offer. After further study, I suspect that Greg Preston & The Great Machine may have a bit of a Who crush going on, as they even feature a track entitled Zoot Suit on theirĀ four song debut EP, Hate To Love The City. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the band does share the raw edge that made early Who tracks so great. The recording was more about the emotion and spirit of the song rather than note for note perfection, and I can safely say that seems to be The Great Machine’s philosophy, too. The Great Machine may lean a little more heavily towards the punk spectrum (other sites have brought up The Stooges when describing them which I would agree with, and maybe even add in a little early day Stranglers), but the end result is the same: rock and roll, plain and simple. Delivered by a classic three piece, bass-guitar-drums lineup with an affinity for Converse sneakers. Now excuse me-I have to go get another mirror added onto my Vespa.

Here’s Greg Preston & The Great Machine and the video for Leave The Light On.

-Jay Moon

About Jay Moon

Freelance writer guy. My ears love music. I'm a transplant recipient (October/2015), so I also give talks to the masses about that entire experience.

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  1. Very cool. Good find. Well, I dont know, can I say good find if it ‘fell into your lap’?
    Oh well, good, umm, artist profile!

  2. Not to take all the glory away from my lap, but credit goes to Twitter on this one. The band starting following That’s Funky Awesome, and one thing led to another which then led to this post.

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