You May Want to Spit That Out: That’s Funky Awesome Joins the Funny Aftertaste Podcast

Happy 2012, y’all.

Yes, I realize it’s a few days after the fact, but knowing the readers of That’s Funky Awesome like I do I understand it’s never too late to wish someone a Happy New Year, especially when the people in question are still nursing hangovers from the week before.

I don’t know about you, but the start of the New Year had me making a handful of resolutions as per usual, all of which should be tossed by the wayside before the start of February. Except, of course, my resolution to meet more people from Australia. That one is off to a flying start, and I’m very happy to tell you why.

Starting this January 8th you’ll be able to hear yours truly make a complete ass of himself on a slightly different media platform, that of the Funny Aftertaste podcast. For those of you unfamiliar with podcasts, they’re just like a blog, except you don’t have to worry about spelling as much. I’ll be joining the Funny Aftertaste team, Brock Murley (@thebrockmurley on Twitter), and Brent Riley (@brile27 on Twitter) for a weekly 30 minute (or so) discussion on all things pop culture and news worthy-to us, anyways. We might even throw in a little bonus music if you’re lucky. One of the cool things about the Funny Aftertaste podcast is the fact that it will involve  hosts who are recording the show on the opposite  end of the planet from one another; me in my little nook in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, and Brock and Brent over in Melbourne, Australia. And not to be a complete suck up here, but since it was made public last week that I would be hitching my caboose onto the Funny Aftertaste train the outpouring of support from the ‘Tasters’ (the army of podcast fans who rally their troops on Twitter) has been fantastic. It’s been an absolute pleasure  meeting and Tweeting so many new people because of this opportunity, quite a few of whom call Australia home.

So, in honour of my Australian comrades, today’s post will feature a few bands from Down Under that I love. Before we get to that, though, here’s a couple links where you’ll be able to listen to and download the Funny Aftertaste podcast. There are already 27 episodes available, so knock yourself out!

On iTunes, go here.

Or go to the Funny Aftertaste website.

You can also follow @FunnyAftertaste on Twitter for more ramblings, updates, and interactions of the social variety.

UPDATE: The latest Funny Aftertaste podcast has hit the airwaves. Go here to have a listen.

Now, some of the bands and artists from Australia that I have in my personal music collection. First off, INXS-before the band went off the rails trying to find a singer to replace someone who is, as time has proven, pretty much impossible to replace. Read more about that here. Here’s Bitter Tears, live.

Next up, Hunters & Collectors. I always thought this band’s mix of pop and punk with a horn section thrown in for good measure deserved a bigger audience. Here’s The Slab, live.

Now for a band that I saw live in Toronto a couple of years back (minus Paul Hester, of course), Crowded House. Here’s a great live clip of the band doing three acoustic songs, including one from the previously mentioned Hunters & Collectors.

And finally, another band I saw in Toronto, just this past summer. Although he was born in the States, John Butler is an adopted son of Australia (where he moved to as a child), and now lives there with his wife and family.

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