All About Funky

Greetings and salutations from me, Jay Moon, a semi-retired musician guy who now writes about working musician guys (and gals).

That’s Funky Awesome was born in June of 2011, shortly after the self-inflicted demise of my last online blog/magazine/musical stopover, MoonVsTheWorld.

Faithful readers of MVTW who have made the leap of faith to That’s Funky Awesome will see a similar theme compared to what they were used to over at the ‘old’ site-that is, lots of music (worthy of both praise and/or lashings), a heaping of opinion, a smidge of smart ass, and a great big bowl of whodathunkit.

With That’s Funky Awesome I’ve decided to put a greater focus on exclusive, original content-artist interviews and album reviews, as well as providing a forum where independent types can get some coverage.  In the best case scenario it might result in some hoopla and sales for indie artists that deserve it, and at the very least give them something to show mom and dad to prove they’re not completely wasting their time by creating music.

That doesn’t mean that the content from MoonVsTheWorld has been tossed off a cliff, never to be seen again.  You’ll still find a ‘best of’ selection of it here at That’s Funky Awesome, including posts from MVTW’s guest writers, including Bill Paul, Alan Ferguson, and Jon Leney.

Besides That’s Funky Awesome, you can find me over at Alan Cross’ corner of the internet, where I’m a contributing reviewer.

As of January 8, 2012, you can hear me as a co-host of the Funny Aftertaste weekly podcast. Download it at iTunes.

I can also be found on the usual social media platforms scattered around net:

That’s Funky Awesome on Facebook

My personal Facebook profile. Stop in and say hi!

@FunkyAwesome on Twitter

So there you have it.  Have fun, and let me know what you think.  If you’re a band or artist or a band of artists interested in getting your stuff into my filthy paws, check out the Submissions section of That’s Funky Awesome.



  1. finally. this is the kind of site we need. real reviews about what’s truly musical. ty. 🙂

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