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Greetings and Welcome to That’s Funky Awesome

This man was overheard making snarky remarks at a children’s violin recital, so we hired him

Hello there.  Long time, no see.

It is with great pleasure that I’m able to welcome you to That’s Funky Awesome, the bastard offspring of what was MoonVsTheWorld.

First off, I have to send out a big thanks to everyone who made MoonVsTheWorld a daily stop during their online explorations.  Your support, feedback, and eagerness to share the posts found there with both friends and strangers alike made the site a greater success than I had ever anticipated.  That’s Funky Awesome will continue many of MoonVsTheWorld’s more popular features, including the Present Series, Bad Covers of Bad Songs, and The 80s Come Alive, but will also focus on a larger portion of original content including more one-on-one artists interviews, concert and album reviews, plus contributed articles from writers across the web.

So as to limit the nausea and dizziness that usually accompanies MVTW withdrawal, you’ll still find your favourite posts here at That’s Funky Awesome.  If by chance we missed one you feel should have been included, drop me a line at and alert me to my poor decision making skills.

Everything you see around you at That’s Funky Awesome is the result of the hard work of two individuals in particular:  Adam at Tilley who did the basic site design and created the That’s Funky Awesome banner logo, and Stewart (along with his peeps) over at EchoArts who helped glue That’s Funky Awesome together.  Without them you would be looking at a very sloppy, ramshackle hovel of a web site.  Adam and Stewart-you rock.

To say I’m excited about That’s Funky Awesome and where it might lead me is an understatement.  I’m pleased as punch you’ve decided to check it out for yourself.  Now, how about we get the ball rolling?  Take it away, Bon Iver.


TigerLily’s Cabaret: Shaking What Their Mommas Gave Them

“Beautifully sneaky.”

That’s how one patron at this past Sunday night’s ‘Rock, Wag, Flutter & Shake’ cabaret described the evening’s entertainment to me as he ogled the tres sexy Kitty DeMure work her magic doing an old school burlesque number onstage.

Taking place at Molly Bloom's in downtown Stratford, the TigerLily's Cabaret nights have steadily been gaining steam since they debuted in town at the start of the summer.  Each night features a variety of singers, dancers, and the occasional fire twirling act, just to keep you on your toes.

Sunday’s festivities were hosted by the lovely, talented and braless Pixiedust.  I knew it was going to be an interesting night when she encouraged the ladies in the audience to join her in a free form state and toss their bras onstage for a chance to win a door prize at the end of the show.  I was cursing myself for not wearing my manssiere that night, but I know better for next time.

Cabaret                     The TigerLily performers and appreciative audience members                                  Photo: Shannon Stewart

After collecting a few undergarments, Pixiedust started things off with a little Bonnie Raitt, backed by a dapper looking Brad Canning on guitar.  I was a little dismayed to find out Brad wouldn’t be showing more skin, but his playing more than made up for my disappointment.  From there the night was broken up into two sets, with each featuring the talents of several performers, including a sexy Fosse-esque routine by the beautiful M & M, a barn burning vocal performance by Sassy, the previously mentioned burlesque tease by Kitty DeMure, and a show closing bellydance by the hip shaking Thrasher.  Mixed in with this was what you might consider more traditional entertainment, including a song by the lovely Cranberry and an original tune performance by Toronto’s Amanda Moscar, who while not as outlandish as some of the other acts on the bill was a standout for me personally.  The night came to a close after a very lucky fella was brought onstage and given an up close and personal tease by the one and only Tiger Lily, who left the stage to screams from the audience for another encore.

The cabaret nights are the brainchild of sheVISIONS, a company based out of the Toronto area who have a roster of performers who are working with them to bring back the classic burlesque-style cabaret show.   sheVISIONS bills itself as an “artist collective”, with acts that include everything from acrobats to contortionists to performance artists.  Check out their website for all the drrrty details.

All in all, it made for a damn exciting Sunday night.  There was much shaking and shimmying, hooting and hollering, and of course, tassels.  If you missed it, fear not.  There is another edition of ’Rock, Wag, Flutter & Shake’ coming to Stratford August 29, this time at Othello’s on Market Square.  Also, there will be a Masquerade Ball Hallowe’en night at Factory 163.  If you’re over 19, I highly recommend checking it out.

Check out fellow Stratford blogger Matty Ian's coverage on sheVISIONS and 'Rock, Wag, Flutter & Shake' here.