Funny Aftertaste

If you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can put a voice to all this written nonsense by tuning in every Sunday to the Funny Aftertaste podcast, which I co-host along with two whacked out Australians, Brock Murley and Brent Riley.

You can listen and download the podcast at the Funny Aftertaste website, or on iTunes.

If you’re on the Twitter, follow @FunnyAftertaste.

Episode #28: Band of the Week-Fake Your Own Death, plus Beyonce, getting locked out, eating pussy, and Is Anyone Up?

Episode #29: Band of the Week-Greg Ball, plus hate mail, thrown pussy, iPhones, and prison breaks.

Episode #30: Band of the Week-Greg Preston and the Great Machine, plus the Golden Globes, Brock’s love of tennis, golden anal beads, and Kardashian bashing.

Episode #31: Band of the Week-Donna Fullman, plus getting digits 101, Oscar nominations, bike thieving and le fuck up.

Episode #32: Band of the Week-LG Breton, plus the Superbowl, hugs are bad, hammered Harry Potter, and Avril Lavigne kills.

Episode #33: Band of the Week-Drew Smith, plus the Super Bowl recap, Valentines Day, Pizza Hut wedding and Cop that.

Episode #34: Band of the Week-Brittlestar featuring Emm Gryner, plus Whitney Houston, Shakira vs the sea lion, puff puff boom, German porn and when girls attack.

Episode #35: Band of the Week-The Glass Child, plus a death in the family, spiders, Paris Hilton…singer, and puff puff granny.

Episode #36: Band of the Week-Twinkle and The Sluts, plus tattoos, buried alive, and Angelina’s right leg.

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