Submissions and Content

That’s Funky Awesome is always on the hunt for morsels of goodness to publish for the world to see and hear.

If you’re a band or artist who thinks That’s Funky Awesome needs to know about you, here’s what you do:

1) Address an email to

2) In the body of said email, include any pertinent information you think will entice us to continue reading, especially if you’re a 1000 words-per-email type.  Listen-if we’re going to spend that much effort on things, there had better be some serious name dropping, tales of debauchery, and at least one kidnapping mentioned.

3) Include the URL to your website.  If all you have is a Myspace page, that’s okay, but to be honest our readers are probably going to make fun of you for it.

4) Added marks for including links to YouTube clips, social media, and iTunes-related fun.

5) Most importantly!!!  If you want us to hear your music, we need to be able to, you know, hear your music.  Please don’t suggest we review your album and then provide nowhere for us to actually get your album.  If you do not have your music available online, or you have gone to the trouble of producing a CD with cool artwork that adds to your project as a whole, you can mail us a copy.

Send your masterpiece here:

That’s Funky Awesome

63 Birmingham St., Apt. 6,  Stratford, Ontario, Canada

N5A 2S7

If you’re a reader of That’s Funky Awesome and you’ve got the inside scoop on something we need to know about, use the handy form below to contact us directly with all the details.

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