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It’s Too Bad There’s No Good Songs For Friday the Thirteenth. Oh, Wait…

It’s been a busy week here at That’s Funky Awesome. Sunday saw my debut alongside Brock and Brent on the Funny Aftertaste podcast (which also featured a track from Fake Your Own Death), posts celebrating the birthdays of a couple of elder statesmen of rock, David Bowie and Jimmy Page, plus a behemoth of a feature on Van Halen, which when I was writing it I had no idea it would take off like it did around the net. Turns out a lot of you felt much the same way I did about the the Vans and their newest single, with the exception of one concerned Eddie-fanatic who took the time to write me a highly entertaining email, the jist of which can be summed up by this individual calling me a ‘pompous shithead’. Is it wrong that I kind of agree with him?

Today also saw my latest batch of reviews hit the ink over at This week I’ve featured Buxton, Scott Matthew, Woodpigeon, and The Darcys. If you’ve got a few extra minutes, stop over and check it out. There’s a reason these bands are being written about…

Of course, being that today is Friday the thirteenth, the obvious choice of song to showcase is Superstition from the album Talking Book by the great Stevie Wonder. I know-it’s a highly original idea. I hunted around quite a bit trying to dig up an interesting cover of the song, and with the very odd exception came up grasping at straws. Turns out there are A LOT of covers of Superstition out there. Like, thousands. And as it turns out, most of them are, how should I put this…scary? After hunting high and low, I kept going back to a performance clip that’s nearly as old as I am, by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan (backed of course by the equally great Double Trouble). In fact, it’s the Stevie Ray blues/rock updating of the tune that you’re probably hearing being attempted by 98% of bar bands that give this song the college try. Remember one thing: the drunker you are, the better they sound. You’re welcome.

New Music Fridays: Witch Ever

It’s mid-November. It’s cold. The stores and malls have their Christmas decorations front and centre. It’s safe to say that winter has got one stinky, boot wearing foot in the door, so I figure why not resume giving you some ideas for some great music to help you through the next few months of chilliness. If you live some place slightly warmer where the only white you see in winter is not from heaps of falling snow but from the thinning hair of a million retirees flooding your community, today’s featured band is a great one to have cranked in your convertible as you drive past that new shuffleboard complex. Take that, old man!

Witch Ever first came to my attention a couple of months back when their track, The Push, ended up in my mailbox. Trippy, loud, and delightfully rough around the edges, The Push quickly won me over to the Witch Ever way of doing things. The long and short of it is Witch Ever are straight ahead rock and roll, played loud and with no strings pulled. In fact, I was impressed enough with the band to include them in my Music From the Inbox feature over at Alan Cross’ site last month.

As we speak, Witch Ever are busy as Gretsch-slinging beavers hunkered down at The Rogue studios in Toronto, where they are brewing up their ‘heavy on the analog’ debut album with the help of producer James Paul. Head Witch Stephen Sirisko tells me that Witch Ever’s legendary musical influences like John Lee Hooker and lesser known bluesmen like Junior Kimbrough are being cross-bred with the likes of guitar maestro Jeff Beck and even former Oasis honcho Noel Gallagher, the latter two having left a memorable impression on Sirisko after having seen them in concert.

Enough talk. More rock. Witch Ever, show ’em how it’s done. Here’s The Push.

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-Jay Moon