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Pop Songs With a Great Big Bottom End

After watching highlights of the Grammys this week, I found myself going back to one performance in particular, and trust me, I tried not to just for the fact I’m not really a fan of the artist in question.

In fact, to say I hate Bruno Mars might be a bit heavy handed on my part, but nothing he’s done has really left me with any sort of lasting impression other than ‘well, that was an annoying three minutes’.

However, it was Mars’ performance of his tune Runaway Baby at the Grammys that left me with a new respect for the guy and his backing musicians. And the engine that was helping propel the band was all bottom end, baby. Take the bass out of Runaway Baby and you’re left with a pretty generic pop song. Add the bass and wham-o! A Bruno Mars song I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve listened to all the way through.

So, today’s post features pop songs with some truly awesome ground shaking grooving from the bass side of the stage. I’ve gone with tracks from more recent memory, so please-no emails complaining that Come Together isn’t listed.

To start off, here’s Bruno from the Grammys.

Next up, remember Spacehog? You will once you here this tune. Note the guitarist flubbing the intro. Whoops. The track is In the Meantime.

Although not huge here in North America, Jamiroquai have had a pretty good run overseas. I’m a casual fan at best, but I love this song. Main Vein.

I couldn’t have a bass post without mentioning Cake somewhere. So this is me, mentioning Cake. Somewhere. It’s The Distance.

And finally, my personal favourite of the entire lot: Blur’s Girls and Boys. Meeeooooowww.