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Maniacal Mondays: Foo Fighters with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

Yesterday at That’s Funky Awesome we celebrated the 65th birthday of one David Bowie. Today, it’s that whipper snapper Jimmy Page who has reached the ripe age of 68, which is barely even a drop in the bucket-at least in hobbit years. The two time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is still showing the kids how it’s done, albeit in a slightly more refined and dignified manner compared to his more debaucherous tenure with some band called Led Zeppelin.

Today’s Maniacal Mondays post also acts as a bit of a ‘two birds, one stone’ edition, since not only is it covering the birthday of Page, it also shines the light on a great live performance featuring Page along with his former bandmate in Zeppelin, bassist John Paul Jones, as they rock out with their, ahhh, schlongs out with the Foo Fighters. And even though front Foo-man Dave Grohl does a fine job botching the lyrics throughout this blistering version of Zeppelin’s Ramble On, it’s still a pretty good way to wipe out any lingering nightmares you might still be having after hearing Train’s take on the song way back when.

So, happy birthday, Jimmy. I’m assuming that since you’re rumoured to have sold your soul to the devil back in the 70s that we can look forward to at least another 60 years of rock and roll from you. I for one can’t wait.

The MTV Video Music Awards: Proving Once Again Sometimes It’s Good to Go Home Empty Handed

It’s been two full days since the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards aired, and somewhere out there Frank Sinatra still doesn’t get what the fuss is all about.

Now, I didn’t watch the live broadcast Sunday night. Fortunately there was a Murder, She Wrote marathon happening, and I don’t know about you but I feel that any time you have the opportunity to watch six hours of Angela Lansbury leisurely solving mysteries whilst nibbling on Digestive cookies over Miley Cyrus proclaiming, “I have always loved rock music!” in an effort to justify her handing out an award in the Best Rock Video category, you take it.

Thankfully MTV quickly made the broadcast available through their website, which I finally mustered up the courage to watch earlier today. I say thankfully because I’m trying to remain as positive as I can about things. In fact, the saying ‘whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’ comes to mind when I try to sum up my overall view of the festivities. Besides that, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards were exactly what I would’ve expected from a network that boasts The Jersey Shore as their flagship programming franchise. Tacky, ridiculous, and painful to watch-these are qualities that MTV now seems to wear like a badge of honour, regardless if it’s the Situation prancing around the globe or Katy Perry primping across the stage.

Watching the show after the fact I’m not sure who I feel sorrier for-the legitimate artists involved who found themselves surrounded by a carnival of mediocrity (poor Adele looked twice her age if only for the fact she chose to not dress from head to toe in pastels and neon), and even Lady Gaga, who although I’m not a huge fan I still appreciated her ‘man drag’ look, made even more impressive when she awkwardly shared the stage with Britney Spears. Ah, Britney. Honoured with the Video Vanguard Award, she once again demonstrated that surviving on entire concert tours that are lip-synced and getting your boobs done before you’re old enough to legally drink means you’re still eligible for a lifetime achievement award for something.

One of the bands that went home with a Moon Man that seemed to understand that the night was just an excuse to hang out and get a little tipsy were the Foo Fighters, who were also one of the only artists who didn’t thank God or Jesus for the all the hard work put in by the director of their video. And props to Young The Giant for having real instruments onstage with them during their live performance. The Amy Winehouse tribute with Tony Bennett was sweet, and would have been a nicely subdued moment had it not been for the additional performance from Bruno Mars, which quickly reminded everyone that they were still at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Overall, it was another night of forgettable, self-congratulatory back patting by people who didn’t seem to understand the night isn’t intended to be taken very seriously. And that’s the biggest problem with the MTV VMAs-the artists for whom the night is designed to ‘honour’ rarely seem in on the joke. You would think that for all the times Jesus was thanked during the course of the evening he would’ve at least given them the head’s up. I guess not.

With all of that out of the way, here’s a band that was nowhere near the big show Sunday night, and that’s a good thing. It’s We Are Scientists, and the track is After Hours performed live.

-Jay Moon