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If Lana Del Rey Were Interesting, She’d Be Oh Land On a Bad Day

Pardon my French ladies and gentleman, but fuck Lana Del Rey.

I’ve been following the story of Del Rey with equal parts fascination and skepticism since she landed on my radar last year. At the time, she was still known by some folk as Lizzy Grant, with two albums of laid back folk pop to her name. The few tracks I’ve heard off these early recordings I didn’t find offensive it any way, nor did they leave me begging for more. They were just…average. However, after an image makeover and the retirement of the Lizzy Grant moniker in favour of the far more glamourous Lana Del Rey nom de plume, Lizzy, errr…Lana is the name on everyone’s lips these days. For many people it’s because of her less than stellar performance on Saturday Night Live a couple weeks back, which showcased Del Rey at her sleep inducing worst and had many a knicker twisted in rage.

My advice to those of you who are already tired of the (over) hype of Del Rey and are disappointed at what might have been is to have a looksy at Oh Land (aka Nanna Øland Fabricius), a Danish singer-songstress who I promise won’t leave you with that numb feeling you might be afflicted with after a Lana performance. Fabricius’ first U.S. release (Oh Land) back in March was followed by some high profile gigs on Letterman and Kimmel, so there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with her work. Also,  her video for Sun of a Gun has about a billion views on YouTube, so there’s that, too. And while her image might be that of a budding pop music queen (she recently toured with Katy Perry, but don’t hold that against her), she at least presents herself in an interesting way when it comes to live performances. It’s a little more substance over style. And that statement is directed right at Ms. Del Rey.

Here’s Rainbow, live.